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Raihan Ali
Jul 16, 2022
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Film and Television Works He Has Handled Since He Joined in 2016, from the First "Anesthesia Storm 2" to the Establishment of History. Almost Every Piece of "Tea Gold", a Drama Benchmark, Is Filled with the Signatures of Gorgeous Cast Members, as If to Mark His Rich Experience in the Film and Television Industry. Behind Him Is a Bookcase. Movies and TV Books Cover Everything from Short Film Production, Director's Homework to the Latest Trend of Vr. the Types of Books Span History, Literature, and Culture, Hinting at Tang Shengrong's Abundant Curiosity About the World. Tang Shengrong, the Ace Film and Television Producer Known in the Industry as "Brother Tang", Recalled His Childhood and Always Laughed and Said, "I'm a Strange Child." He Grew Up in Miaoli and Was a Hakka Family, but His Camps and Military Dependents' Villages. He Always Played with Children from Other Provinces, and Once Had His Father's Military Doctor Friend, Who Would Occasionally Come to the House to Sing Operas with t shirt design Actresses. in Fact, He Has Been Exposed to Film and Television Culture as Early as Five or Six Years Old. the First Family in the Village to Have a Color TV, but Also Lives near the Cinema. Like Walking on the Stove." the Music Can Be Heard. Many, TV Programs Are Omnipresent, and He Prefers to Read Various, and Absorbs All Kinds of Miscellaneous Knowledge in Images, and Develops His Keen and Multiple Tentacles. to This Day, in the Era of Information Explosion, He Keeps Up with Every Trend. Long Before Podcasts Sprung Up, He Began to Listen to Domestic and Foreign Podcasts, and He Heard That They Are Now Played at 2x Speed to Quickly Absorb New Knowledge, "Actually Fast Listen, You Can Concentrate More," Tang Shengrong Said with a Smile, and in the Past Few Years, He Can Finally Get Rid of "Information Anxiety". from Frontline Reporters to Program Managers, See the Story of the Land Tang Shengrong Said That He Is a Person Who
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Raihan Ali

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